Portuguese Style Tile Collection

Portuguese tilework, known as Azulejaria Portuguesa, has featured prominently in the architectural history of Portugal, Europe’s westernmost country.

Wealthy Portuguese originally imported the finest tile from Spain, Italy and Holland, but the country’s artisans began crafting their own in the 16th century.

In Portugal, the elaborate use of tile both indoors and in outdoor settings as a key element in architecture makes this history notable among Mediterranean countries.

Visitors to the capital, Lisbon, will note this exuberance for tile along corridors, courtyards, garden walls, church facades and nearly anywhere tile could be employed as a design element.

The use of decorative tiles throughout Europe at this time was often a signifier of wealth, but also practicality.

Tile created cool interiors in the warm climates of the Mediterranean nations while also affording easier-to-clean and more hygienic backdrops to dairies, kitchens, baths, and other damp spaces.

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