Founder, Brenda Jean Lusher

Brenda Jean Lusher, an accomplished artisan and long-time admirer of Mediterranean Revival and Old World styles, first opened her boutique hand-painted tile studio in South Florida in 1998.

Since then, she and her experienced team of artisans have been showcasing this elegant art form through the craftsmanship of timeless, luxury tile that meets the discerning demands of clientele from around the world.

History Inspires Artisanship

Addison Mizner standing against a pillar in Florida.Brenda’s earliest inspiration for her tiles came from famed architect Addison Mizner, whose 1920s-era Mediterranean Revival style left an indelible stamp on much of South Florida.

She was particularly fascinated with his generous use of colorful hand-painted tile.

Brenda traced the varied origins of these unique tiles and has traveled the world to learn more about their history and the skilled artisanship required to produce them.

A Modern Take on Old World Mastery

She has studied with tile masters in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Morocco to learn her craft. And through her travels, she continues to add to her extensive collection of antiquarian tile and design books.

These books, along with her personal collection of travel photographs featuring tile left in situ, some hundreds of years old, provide her with inspiration for new designs.

Brenda delights in sharing her knowledge and passion for her craft with each and every client.

Stair Riser Styles from Spain, Portugal, and North Africa

Experience in Excellence

Mizner Tile Studio is best known for custom designs and personalized customer service. We specialize in Mediterranean Revival style and offer a diverse collection of Turkish, Moorish and other styles that range from classic and traditional to more contemporary designs reflecting the latest in home decor trends.

A Passion for Personalized Service

We collaborate directly with homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders to create custom kitchen backsplashes, pools, fountains, stair risers, fireplaces, murals and more. We have the expertise and more than 20 years of experience to serve as consultant and artisan on the project of your dreams.

Mizner Tile Studio maintains the highest standard of excellence and is committed to customer service. Our tiles are shipped directly and promptly to our clients anywhere in the world, and we can often personalize tiles with custom colors, sizes and unique details.

What Our Clients Are Saying