Brenda Jean Lusher

In 1998, Brenda Lusher, an accomplished artisan, created a boutique hand-painted tile studio in South Florida.

Brenda is a long time admirer of Addison Mizner whose Mediterranean Revival style left an indelible stamp on South Florida. She was particularly fascinated with his generous use of hand-painted tile. She traced the origins of these tiles and embarked on a life long journey across the globe to learn more about the history and production of these tiles.

She has studied with tile masters in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Morocco to learn her craft. Continued travel provides her an opportunity to rummage through old book stores and add to her extensive collection of antiquarian tile and design books. These books along with photographs featuring tile left in situ, some hundreds of years old, provide her with inspiration for new designs.

Brenda is excited to share her knowledge and passion for her craft with her clients. She feels it is important for them to understand the time involved in creating the tiles that Mizner Tile Studio produces for them.


Experience in Excellence

Mizner Tile Studio is best known for our custom designs and personalized customer service. We specialize in Mediterranean Revival style and offer a diverse collection of other styles from classic and traditional to contemporary and trendy.

We collaborate with designers, architects and home owners to create decorative tile and trim for kitchens, pools, fountains, stair risers and bathrooms.

We have the expertise and over twenty years of experience to serve as consultant and artisan. Studious attention to detail makes our tiles virtually immune to competition.

Mizner Tile Studio maintains the highest standard of excellence and is committed to customer service, we always deliver on time.

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