Custom Waterline Tiles: Pools & Fountains

Increase The Beauty and Value of  your Water Feature

Looking for waterline tiles or tiles for your pool, spa or fountain?  Mizner Tile Studio can provide you with classic or custom designs. We have created beautiful tile installations for some of the most discriminating designers and homeowners across the country. 

Swimming pools once a luxury only the very wealthy could afford are now more readily attainable. 

During the day the pool is a gathering place for socializing and fun.  At night, when lit, the pools adds atmosphere to the evening.  A fountain or spillover can add a gentle sound of running water for relaxation.

With the use of our hand-screened tile your swimming pool, spa or fountain can become a focal point in your backyard oasis. 


Waterline Tile Coordinates with Grill by columns
This pool was finished with classic hand-screened waterline tiles. This tile is our HS 66 (Hand-Screened) dark blue and turquoise tile. Other popular pool waterline tiles are HS 52 and HS 56.



Mizner’s Waterline Tile Collection

This collection of tiles for use in pools, fountains, spas and water features consists of Hand-Painted, Hand-Screened and Cuerda Seca tiles. The designs range from classic Dutch and Turkish styles to more contemporary patterns.  



Waterline Tiles group

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A Brief History of Swimming Pools Shapes

In the 50’s pools were rectangular, in the 60’s the kidney shape pool was introduced.  In the 70’s along with the exercise craze came a longer lap pool, in the 90’s the infinity edge was popular and recently the beach entry pool is a trend.


The Shape and Design of your Pool

Keep in mind that the shape of the pool directly influences the cost of the pool.

The most common shape is the rectangle.  It is a traditional shape that never goes out of style.  You can soften the corners, cut off the corners, create a “bubble” on the ends or round off the ends to create an oval. 

    • The “L” shaped pool is popular for sports-focused pools.  This shape can accommodate a lap pool and an area for relaxing or fun and games.
    • A free-form pool, including the kidney shape, blends in best with the environment; the soft lines give the pool a more natural look.
    • Infinity pools also referred to as vanishing edge or negative edge pools, are one of the most dramatic design effects.  This pool style is most often used with a large body of water as the view beyond the edge. (Williams pool)
    • The beach entry swimming pool is becoming popular among pool buyers.  This pool has a sloped graduated opening that replaces the steps.  A popular trend is to install beach chairs and an umbrella in the shallow area.


Designing Your Pool and Water Features

There are many things to consider when choosing the shape, size, and location of your pool.  



What Are Your Goals

It is important to first consider the space available to you. Determining your goals for the area will help you make the most out of the space you have. Are you creating a relaxing oasis, a resort-like location for entertaining, or a recreational space for your family and friends?

 Another important consideration is to determine how much decking or patio do you need in comparison to the pool. 

Answering these questions will aid you in designing your pool to become the perfect space you envisioned.


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Waterline Tile Guttman Spa

This is an example of a separated Spa showing an installation independent from a pool. The tiles used in this design are our HS-55 for the waterline and HP-531B in the column.

Independent Spas and Water Features

With plenty of space, some homeowners choose to have a spa built independently of the pool.  This allows you an opportunity to incorporate planters, columns or urns to complete your design.  We often use the same tile for the waterline of the pool and spa.

Another consideration in selecting the shape of the pool is whether you will incorporate a raised spa feature.  An inviting spa built in a corner, side, or end of the pool adds a touch of luxury and comfort. Most spas are typically raised 12-18” which allows for a waterfall spillover, providing a tranquil setting.

The raised spa is an excellent opportunity to express your style with custom tilework along the waterline and on the face of the spa where the water spills over into the pool. We can help you create a focal point with our hand-painted tiles.

Depending on the location of the spa you may decide to continue the tile around the entire outside wall or end the tile at the waterline.  We can show you different options available to you.



Waterline Tile Wall and Fountain

This fountain shows an installation of many design elements and tiles. Hand-painted and hand-screened tiles in waterline, border and field varieties. Multiple tiles were used in this design: HP-568HP-569HP-570 and HP-571  from our Hand Painted Tile Collection.


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Tiles In Stock for Immediate Shipment

Many of our hand-screened tiles are kept in stock for immediate shipment.  Each design has taken months to create the perfect combination and placement of colors.  These tiles cannot be modified. 


Custom Waterline Tile Designs
for Fountains and Grills

If you are looking to create a custom tile, our line of hand-painted tiles can be customized any way you choose.  These tiles require a 3-6 week delivery time and can be used in conjunction with the hand-screened tiles. 

Waterline Tile Outdoor Grill coordinates with pool

This outdoor grill area was done in hand-painted tiles to coordinate with the hand-screened tiles in the pool area pictured above. The tile used in this design is our hand-painted HP 502.

Adding a fountain or outdoor mural to your space can complete your backyard oasis. Mizner Tile Studio has assisted in the design of many free-standing fountains at the entry of the home, in the garden, or near the pool. (De Santis Fountain)

Fountains provide a calming sound and relaxing atmosphere.  When placed at the entry they welcome your guests with the tranquil sound of running water. 



Custom Tile Murals

Murals can be used to camouflage a large blank wall or tucked into a space that provides a view where there was none.  We can create something fun or a design that blends with the environment incorporating plants, flowers, trees, and birds.  Many of our clients come back over and over again to add more areas where they can incorporate our tiles. 


Waterline Tile Mural Floral Accent post

This is a custom mural design incorporating a beautiful floral scene.

Waterline Tile Mural Wall Accent Seaside

You can incorporate a scenic element with
a custom Mural design. This is an example of a peaceful seaside scene.

Classically Inspired Decorative Swimming Pool Tile and Waterline Tile

Custom Mizner Tile Studio has been producing custom tiles for over 23 years.  We have been involved in hundreds of projects and are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you.  If you are interested in starting a project please complete the “project inquiry” and we will get back to you immediately.


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Tile Order Lead Times

Traditional Designs: Many of our hand-screened waterline tiles are kept in stock for immediate shipment – making them a more affordable option. Each design has taken months to create a pleasing combination and placement of colors making them a perfect way to enhance the look of your pool. These tiles cannot be modified. 

Custom Designs: If you want a more personalized option to fit your color palette, our line of hand-painted waterline tiles can be customized any way you choose. These tiles require a 3-6 week delivery time and can be used in conjunction with the hand-screened tiles.

Expert Advice

Mizner Tile Studio has been producing custom tiles for more than 23 years.  We have been involved in hundreds of water feature projects and are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you.  If you want to see all of our Hand Screened, waterline tiles that we currently have in-stock click here.sdf

See all of our Customizable, Hand Painted, Pool Waterline Tiles here.

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