Mizner Tile Studio custom kitchen tile backsplash

Mizner Tile Studio

Custom Hand-Painted Tiles

Timeless Luxury

The expert artisans in our one-of-a-kind atelier handcraft exquisite decorative ceramic-tile, recreating the world’s most beautiful and treasured antique tile designs one unique piece at a time.

Handpainted custom tile from Mizner Tile Studio


Attentive Artisanship

Mizner Tile Studio is unique in the custom tile industry. We are a boutique studio dedicated to producing the highest quality tile inspired by Old World Mediterranean, Turkish, and Moorish designs while providing exceptional customer service.

We collaborate directly with homeowners, interior designers, architects, and builders to create custom kitchen backsplashes, pools, fountains, stair risers, fireplaces, murals and more. Each tile we produce is meticulously hand-painted, one by one, in our Florida studio, near the legendary architect Addison Mizner’s original headquarters and the many historic and opulent residences and commercial buildings he designed that have inspired our work.

Our tiles are shipped directly and promptly to our clients anywhere in the world. We can often personalize tiles with custom colors, sizes, and unique details.

Our Tiles

Mizner Tile Studio specializes in three distinct and historic tile styles that echo ancient
Mediterranean, Turkish and Moorish artistry.

Each style has its own unique characteristics and glaze application process.


Hand Painted Custom Tile SampleUsing the Majolica technique, colorful glazes are meticulously applied by brush onto a bisque tile previously coated with a white opaque glaze. Many of the tiles in this collection can be customized by size with the client’s color specifications.

The historic Majolica process began as early as the 8th century when Middle Eastern artisans would use luster ‘overglazes’ on clay tile. 

In the 15th century, using glazes atop a white glaze became more widely called Majolica when Spanish potters exported their wares from the port of Majorca. The Delft and faience pottery that came later employed the same painting technique.


Hand Screened Tile sampleUsing a color separation process, glaze is applied to the tile by a squeegee through a fine mesh screen, using hand pressure instead of machine pressure, resulting in slight variations throughout the tile. 

This unique style combines two specialized art processes – screen printing and ceramic glazing – and lends itself well to such applications as pool and fountain waterlines or large walls.


Cuerda-Seca Tile SampleUsing a wax resist to outline the design and prevent colors from running together, colored glazes are then hand-painted using a bulb instead of a brush. The results produce vibrant yet opaque colors with more definitive pattern outlines. 

The cuerda seca (Spanish for ‘dry cord’) technique dates to the 14th century in central Asia and was used widely throughout the Ottoman Empire and later became popular in Spain. 

Dedicated Craftsmanship

Brenda Jean Lusher, an accomplished artisan and long-time admirer of Mediterranean Revival and Old World styles, first opened her boutique hand-painted tile studio in South Florida in 1998.

Since then, she and her experienced team of artisans have been showcasing this elegant art form through the craftsmanship of timeless, luxury tile that meets the discerning demands of clientele from around the world.

Brenda Jean Lusher from Mizner Tile Studio

What Our Clients Are Saying

Custom Tiles for
Fountain and Spa

We built a winter home in Florida and wanted it to be light and airy with custom finishes. We added a focal point outside including a fountain to immediately create a feeling of happiness. We chose Mizner Tile Studio to help us create it. Brenda chose a color scheme and created several sample designs. The hand-painted tiles enhanced the fountain, and we added them to an outdoor kitchen, spa and pool.  Absolutely beautiful.

Cynthia Guttman

Before and After Stair Risers

“I’m happy to share some pictures of your gorgeous tiles that are installed in Okoboji, Iowa.  I am thrilled with them.  They make me SO happy.

To truly appreciate the transformation, I’ve included some before pictures.  Thank you so much for creating these beautiful pieces of art and making the entire process a delight, I loved working with you.”

Sara Arndt

Historically Significant
Designs in Tile

“Mizner Tile Studio has a great strength in creating designs in tile with historical significance. Brenda Lusher is well-traveled, knowledgeable and we communicate on the same wavelength. She can follow my designs without lengthy explanations, which makes my life easier. I have found her firm to be very professional, providing prompt service with a keen respect for detail. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Brenda and her firm.”

Steven M. Hefner, ASID, IIDA
Design Works, Ltd., Delray Beach

Extraordinary Attention
to Detail

“When designing and constructing our own personal residence, we chose Mizner Tile Studios for hand-painted tiles because their attention to detail was extraordinary.

The designs were historically correct and stood apart from other tile manufacturers we had considered.

Brenda was very accommodating when it came to custom designing and re-sizing some of our tiles used. Mizner Tile Studio’s tiles truly made our project an authentic Spanish revival style and we could not have achieved it without them!”


Jim Ross, Design Principal
Ross Design Group, Orlando

Renovated Park Fountain Exceeded Expectations!

Renovated Park Fountain Exceeded Expectations!

“I had a unique opportunity to renovate a park in Palm Beach, Florida.  The fountains were in need of special tiles, and I sought out the best option.
Brenda Lusher, of Mizner Tile Studio, was recommended and was selected for the job.

The effort, quality, and design that Brenda provided was at the very highest level in terms of meeting and ultimately exceeding my expectations.
I would highly recommend Brenda for her integrity, quality of design and attention to detail. Her efforts enabled this renovation to achieve a quality and aesthetic that is timeless.”

Sam Lehrman



Tile Risers & Backsplash—Compliments from Everyone

Tile Risers & Backsplash—Compliments from Everyone

Custom hand-painted stair risers

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful tile you made for our home renovation. 

I absolutely love them and receive compliments from everyone who visits.

Erica O’Neill