Custom Stair Riser Tile

Increase The Beauty and Value of Your Home

Tile Stair Risers Before and After

Adding custom hand-painted decorative stair riser tile to your home is a relatively simple project that can dramatically change the style and personality of your home. On this page, we’ll show you a variety of styles and installations that we have completed for discriminating homeowners.

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At the bottom of the page, we describe the process of starting and completing a custom tile project.

Stair Riser Transformation Before and After

In this custom application, we replaced carpeted stairs with tiles alternating four tile different designs in custom colors. The end result is a fresher and cleaner look to the stairway.

Exterior Hand Painted Stair Riser Tiles

This beautiful installation of hand-painted tile was installed on the exterior entryway riser. They could also be installed on an interior staircase. Either way, hand-painted stair riser tiles create an amazing first impression for your guests. It’s also an excellent opportunity to express yourself and your creative style.

Hand-painted tiles, in an exterior application, can be applied directly to the concrete stair riser. The height of a stair riser can vary dramatically on exteriors especially when there are only a few risers leading into the home.

Many times the height will be different on each riser, especially in older homes.

But, not to worry, we can cut the tiles to fit your riser height and adjust the artwork to fit the required size prior to production. Having your tiles custom made can eliminate many problems in the installation and hide construction flaws.

single tile riser installation
Using the same design on each stair riser

On the interior of the home, hand-painted tiles typically are installed directly over the wood riser.  If your riser is not the standard six inches we can cut the tiles to the exact dimension and alter the artwork so that the design is not compromised.

Nothing makes us sadder than to see an installer cut our tiles to “fit” the application. Because we are a custom tile maker, we love to create the perfect installation and will work with you to make sure it happens.

Custom Stair riser tile
Using five different designs, each in two color schemes, installed randomly.

Stair Riser Styles from Spain, Portugal, and North Africa

We began more than twenty years ago to reproduce the tile designs that architect Addison Mizner brought back from Spain, Portugal and northern Africa in the early 1900’s.

These tiles were produced in small factories all over Europe and the designs dated back hundreds of years.


Over the course of the next twenty years our founder, Brenda Lusher, traveled extensively collecting books and photographs of the hand-painted tiles in situ. In addition to the traditional styles of Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, we also produce more contemporary designs. Your imagination is the only limit to what we can create for you.


Stair Riser Magazine Cover
Custom Stair Risers Red Balls

Custom Stair Riser Tiles


This is an example of custom stair risers that we produced for a client in South Florida.  The client came to us with the catalog (pictured, top left) and we produced tiles to mimic the wallpaper that was used by Serena and Lily on the risers for the cover of their magazine.


Mizner Tile Studio produces all of our hand-painted tiles in our Florida studio. Our tiles are all custom made so we can change the colors to suit your palette or create a custom design for your home.

color swatch matching with tile
Color swatch used to best match the tile.

How We Produce a Custom Tile Project


A project typically starts with the client sending us the measurements of the risers and selecting several tiles that they like.


Understanding Your Tastes

Once we get a feel for the client’s tastes we can recommend other tiles that coordinate.  There are certain designs that lend themselves to a horizontal installation.


Starting the Project 

We then provide a written quote, upon approval a 50% non-refundable deposit is required with the balance due prior to shipping.

Matching Your Colors

Typically a client will send us a color swatch or provide us with the name and number of the paint they are using so that we can match the colors.

Sending Samples for Approval

We then produce samples and send them to the client for final approval.  This process usually takes 1-2 weeks.  Once the samples are approved production begins and the tiles are shipped in 2-3 weeks.

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Shipping Your Final Tiles

We ship worldwide.  Our tiles are carefully packed and labeled for ease in the installation.  Each box containing approximately 32 tiles is placed inside another box and surrounded by packing peanuts to ensure they arrive at your door in perfect condition.


We have been producing custom hand-painted tiles for more than twenty years and in that time we have been involved in many projects requiring tiles for the stair risers.


Some of the highest praise we receive from our clients comes from these projects [testimonial page]. One client remarked that she started using her front door because seeing the hand-painted tile at her entry and on her staircase made her so happy.


Please contact us and we would be glad to offer our expertise in designing your riser tiles.